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Media Training

This intensive training program, devised by Howdy Partners Media, incorporates the services of veteran broadcaster and Master of Ceremonies Kevin Hillier and experienced Melbourne radio journalist Sarah Patterson.

The course covers all aspects of public speaking and presentations, including the following:

Speech Preparation

  • Knowing your audience and targeting speech accordingly.
  • Knowing exactly the number one priority you wish to convey.
  • Researching subject matter.
  • Point form framework of speech.
  • Rehearsal (and timing of rehearsal).
  • Avoiding industry jargon, abbreviations, nicknames, etc.

Type of Presentation

  • Availability of audio visual material and when to use it.
  • Length of presentation.

Speech Structure

  • Delivering a well considered and engaging opening.
  • Delivering a well balanced combination of information and personal experience/thoughts.
  • Engaging audience through shared experiences.
  • Timing: Less is more (Have you ever heard anyone comment “What a short speech.”?)
  • Having an escape clause.
  • Correct pronunciation and grammar.
  • Ensuring a memorable finish.


  • Criteria for using humour in a speech (It must  be funny. It must not  be offensive. It must  come naturally).
  • Danger points (Dealing with boredom/audience members talking or shifting in their chairs).
  • Engaging audience through eye contact and smiling where appropriate.
  • Posture and body language.
  • Movement: Walking or stationary? (Includes assessment of the room, crowd and type of presentation being given).
  • Microphone technique: (Finding the most comfortable microphone position, i.e: holding microphone or speaking from lectern, how to avoid yelling into microphone and holding it too close).
  • Voice projection.
  • Keeping it conversational.
  • Use of cue cards.

Post Delivery

  • Performance assessment.


  • Workshop will include participants preparing and delivering one five minute presentation to audience.
  • One-on-one voice training.
  • Mock M.C presentation.
  • Warm up techniques.

Rates are available contact Howdy Partners Media

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